CHANTY designs, creates and makes high quality luxury lace and ribbon

For naturally sourced lace and ribbon, choose CHANTY. Create your own masterpieces or buy their own handmade, washable lace accessories and brighten up your outfit.

CHANTY designs, creates and makes high quality luxury lace and ribbon

If you are looking for a high quality lace fabric for your designs and creations, then CHANTY is your answer. Manufacturers of naturally sourced materials, including recycled yarns and cotton, CHANTY offers some of the most delicate laces, ribbons and fabrics in a variety of colours to suit your designs.

CHANTY not only supply luxury laces and fabrics to meet all your sewing needs, but they also design and supply a range of accessories, including lace gloves, masks, hairbands and even scrunchies, all handmade, especially for you. Luxurious to the touch, lace is a fabric that will give that soft and sensual feel to any garment or outfit.

Lace, luxurious to the touch and soft on the eye

Wedding lace and ribbons for custom designed wedding dresses and accessories

The designers at CHANTY know how important a wedding day is and for the bride to look elegant and stylish, so they have manufactured a lovely collection of white and cream laces and ribbons that will enhance any wedding outfits and accessories. Whether it is a full lace wedding dress, lace gloves, a beautiful lace veil or a trimming of ribbon, you have everything you need at CHANTY.

Create the perfect wedding dress and veil with lace and ribbon from CHANTY
Chanty white lace gloves, the perfect compliment to your wedding outfit

There are so many lace fabrics and ribbons to choose from and many ideas on how to use them, from sexy underwear to a lace trim on your favourite pillowcase giving it a soft, flattering look. Take a look below for ways in which you can use lace and ribbon.

High quality Lace scarves for that soft feminine look

Scarves are a very versatile piece of clothing and can jazz up any outfit for any occasion. From large wraps to choker scarves, you can alter your look in seconds. Choose from the wide range that CHANTY has designed, or order the lace yourself and make your own. CHANTY Scarfs can all be machine washed, so you can wear them as often as you want.

CHANTY lace scarves can be worn several ways
Pink lace scarf for a feminine look
So versatile, a complete wrap around lace scarf
Create your own mix and match lace scarves

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Lace gloves for those special moments in your life

CHANTY created a range of lace gloves to match any outfit or event, pretty and feminine and soft to the touch; choose from the wide choice of colours that CHANTY offer. If you are creative, then you can design your own lace gloves to match your lace outfits.

Soft, luxurious lace gloves, buy ready made or create your own

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CHANTY lace scrunchies for those hair up days

Do you ever have those days when you want to put your hair up and still look stylish? CHANTY have you covered with their stunning range of lace scrunchies in different colours. So add a little lace to your hair for that classy look.

Give your hair that classy look with the lace scrunchie

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Double and single layer lace headband for durability

CHANTY has designed two types of lace headbands: a double layer and a single layer lace fabric. The double layer lace headband is great for workouts, morning runs or windy days when you want that extra firm hold. The single layer lace headband is excellent for calm days when you want to add a bit of colour and style to your day.

You can pair the headband up with a matching scrunchie or mix and match by colour coordinating for a different look and style.

Mix and match lace headbands with lace scrunchies

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Look fabulous in a classy lace mask

Face masks are a way of life now, but that does not mean we cannot wear masks with style, which is why CHANTY have designed a classy lace face mask in various lace fabrics and colours so you can stay safe and stylish.

Choose either their cotton masks, gentle and comfortable or lace masks, handmade and sustainably produced. CHANTY does a design specially for children made from soft cotton and come in a range of happy colours.

Wear your lace mask with style
Soft cotton masks specially designed for children

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Choose lace for creating sexy, sensual lingerie

CHANTY has a fantastic range of super sexy lace, perfect for designing sensual lingerie that feels so natural and soft against your body. With a great selection of types and colours, you can create any style to suit your moods, from sultry black to pure cream.

Sultry black lace designed to look sensual

Extra stretch lace for all shapes and sizes

CHANTY offers an extra stretch lace that is perfect for all sizes and shapes. The lace stretches naturally while retaining that soft look and feel. The extra stretch lace is manufactured with strong and durable high quality elastane yarns.

The full range of CHANTY lace and ribbons is mind-blowing; they have thought of every type and colour. Order your lace today and start creating your designs. To see the kinds of laces and their recommended uses, click here

CHANTY Surprise Gift Boxes

Choose one of the CHANTY great gift boxes for that special friend who loves their lace and ribbons, from the Beach Box to the  Monochrome Box or spoil yourself with the Body Box. CHANTY also offers a Taste Testing Box to give you an appetite for the different laces and ribbons they offer.

The perfect gift box for a day at the beach
Monochrome box, the perfect gift

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CHANTY holds strong values on caring for the environment and strives to reduce waste and support upcycling. They are proud that all their materials are manufactured using natural yarns. Their accessories are handmade from carefully chosen deadstock and remaining collection lace fabrics.

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